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Scars and Senbon: Genma x Raidou
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Welcome to Scars and Senbon, an LJ community for people who enjoy the couple Shiranui Genma/Namiashi Raidou from Kishimoto's Naruto series. Here are Senbon and Scars, we hope to present some of the best and greatest examples of Genma/Raidou and Raido/Genma to be found on the internet.

In order to make this a more enjoyable live-journal experiance, we must ask that you rate all pieces submitted here accordingly. Please clearly state all NC-17 works in the header and please make use of the wonders of the < lj-cut > feature.

Example: (For Fanfiction/Fanart)
Status/Worksafe or Not:

< lj-cut text= "Title" >

(Body of Text)

< / lj-cut >

Now, we would hope that since this is a community dealing with adult relationships that everyone is mature enough to express their opinions without being overly rude or troll like. It is expected that everyone be polite and follow the golden rule as the mods will not put up with outright flammatory comments or attempts to start fights.

This community is about mutally sharing our interest and love in Genma and Raidou so let's all enjoy it and spread teh hot man lovin' hmmmn?

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